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Registry Helper

Automatically Fix Computer Errors


"I hereby wish to thank you very much for your utmost quick handling of my problem. It shows me, you are a reliable and responsible company with an excellent service. I'll tell and recommend you to all my 'computer-friends'".

Oluf Rasmussen, Aalborg, Denmark

"I just wanted to say that your subject product has worked wonders with my computer. It works faster than I can ever remember. Great application."

James Netzel, Quebec, Canada

"Thank you ever so much. You guys have got to be the greatest. I've had a few bad experiences recently where I go no help whatsoever. You are like a breath of fresh air."

Herbert Hinz, British Columbia, Canada

"My computer was running agonizingly slow caused by a cluttered registry with 330 obsolete files mainly among other minor things according to professional diagnosis. I discovered Registry Helper on the web and attempted to avail myself of their services and products but I encountered several online difficulties. To ease my frustration I was offered assistance by an employee...who patiently and repeatedly guided me through several e-mail instructions to the successful installation of the product.

I am pleased to report that my computer performance has improved significantly since its registry was cleaned - that is great!... I not only recommend Registry Helper as a business enterprise but its supporting staff. That assistance cannot be easily quantified.

Registry Helper works; no gimmick, no empty promises. The product and services live up to expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending you."

Vincent Inniss, St. Kitts, West Indies

"I have had Registry Helper for about 3 months now and can honestly say it is worth every bit of the price. The first time I used Registry Helper on my computer it found I had 512 Invalid Entries. When they were deleted my computer is now back to top speed. Another plus is it is so easy to use. Thanks to the staff for all their help."

Eric Lockhart, Sydney, Australia

"As a housebound O.A.P with my computer as my life line, I bought Registry Helper in a desperate attempt to improve the speed etc. of the laptop.

Not only is Registry Helper a quick and easy programme to install the Customer Service was superb. I received an immediate response to my e-mail requesting help, which was concise, explanatory and extremely helpful without being condescending and was offered further advice if it was needed. I had also double ordered and paid for the programme and this mistake had been rectified by the staff and repaid straight away.

Service beyond the call of duty. My sincere thanks... for a really 'human' experience. I wish you all the best."

Erica Windsor-Nunn, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

"We download a lot of music files from various websites and have been experiencing increasing frustration with slow response and annoying pop-ups. Some of the programs we use frequently had become virtually useless as a result.

I was at the point of calling in a technician when information about Registry Helper arrived on my PC via Google, so I decided to give it a try.

I found it easy to access and download the software which has made a huge difference to the performance of my PC which is now back to how it was when I bought it. I have also been impressed with the responsiveness of your company. You provided the software and answered my queries promptly.

I am happy to recommend this easy solution to a common problem."

Anna Mahoney, Wellington, New Zealand

"I recently decided to try the Registry Helper software offered by SafeApp Software, LLC.

The company responded promptly after receiving my e-mail indicating my interest. The registration process was user-friendly and stated that help was available via e-mail and a telephone number was also provided.

I registered giving my Visa number and privacy was assured. I received an e-mail promptly giving details as to cost and how the item would appear on my Visa statement. Complete instructions for downloading the software was provided and a couple of questions were answered promptly and courteously.

I am now using the software and it has definitely improved the speed of my computer. I am very satisfied with Registry Helper."

Carolyn J. Kaye, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I wish to record my thanks to you and to your Company, Registry Helper. Having used your product for more than a year, I can vouch for the undoubted benefits which it offers in ensuring that my computer's register is kept free from all unwanted and unauthorised items. This leads to a clear and pronounced improvement in the speed of downloads, etc.

During our exchanges of Emails in the recent renewal of my subscription, I required assistance, on several occasions, in the Registration and Download procedures. Although these problems were due entirely to my own errors and misunderstandings, you showed commendable patience and courtesy throughout in helping me to a successful conclusion.

I have no hesitation in recommending Registry Helper without reservation."

George Bennie, Stirling Stirlingshire, Scotland

"Here is what I think about Registry Helper:

A Software Installation which I had failed to download successfully became an annoyance in as much that I was unable to delete or remove it from my computer. Not listed on my Programme Menu, the offending Product came on screen immediately on Startup and only by clicking on its 'Cancel' button several times was it possible to clear it from my monitor. This Startup procedure was repeated each and every time the computer was powered-up!

Mystified and frustrated as I was, some two weeks had passed before I decided to click on my Desktop Icon to scan my computer for Invalid Entries (not familiar as I was with the Product, the Supplier and the Contents, I guess I was simply being wary of what I was about to discover). To my astonishment, the scan highlighted 143 Invalid Entries and was effectively telling me that I had to do something about it!

My decision to download Registry Helper was the right choice. The installation not only allowed me to successfully disable and remove the offending Startup Programme but has significantly enhanced the speed of my computer.

With a business and professional career background prior to retirement, I recognise in Registry Helper the qualities for reputable and trustworthy service. Crucially, their response to client enquiries and problem solving is of the highest priority, and my approval rating on customer care gets top marks for competency, courtesy and security.

I can recommend Registry Helper with complete confidence."

George Flett, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

"...I have now installed, registered, and cleaned...files through the such an extent that my laptop will have to be tied down else it may take off."

George Kenneth Taylor, Preston, United Kingdom

"...I was hesitant to use the product but I was frustrated. I didn't know how to fix it, and my PC was getting slower and slower, and it cost me more money to fix it (PC Home Service).

So I tried your product. I purchased it last year Aug. 23, 2006. Ever since then I'm more than well pleased with Registry Helper and support. My PC RETURNED CLOSER TO HOW IT USED TO BE.

By the way, I'm a stocktrader. A slow PC can slow you down in trading, charting and research, etc. Now I can trade, do research, and charting better. I mean I can use my PC better."

Isidoro Santos, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

"I had some problems with my computer. It was running slow with viruses on it.

I emailed your company...and had an instant email back. I then asked your company to phone me re: a couple of problems and you phoned my phone number in the UK. ...Your customer support man was most helpful...

I have been in sales, and sales management all my life, and anyone will you sell you anything.

When it goes wrong that's when you know whether you're with the right company or not. I would personally recommend REGISTRY HELPER. Thank you all."

Colin Castle, United Kingdom

"...My first run of Registry Helper cleaned out 228 Invalid Entries from a so called new installation and I didn't think that there could be so much CRAP left in my system doing nothing. Now I find my system is running faster... Thanks... I may even try Disk Cleaner next as the Registry Helper really worked for me."

Malc Nicklin, Perth, Australia

"Registry Helper is 'magic' to me. My extensively used...machine became so sluggish I was wondering what got into it. I came across Registry Helper and installed it, scanned my PC and found over 6,000 unwanted Invalid Entries residing in my PC! Within seconds from deleting the unwanted Invalid Entries my PC became lightning fast, to my greatest surprise the characteristic noise my hard disk makes thus changed.

...I felt embarrassed that I did not do anything with my PC registry and would sincerely recommend anyone with a PC to go for this wonderful product. Besides, I just bought my second license for my laptop!

Renold A. Joseph, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"I have successfully downloaded Registry Helper, and I am pleased with the speed which my computer is now running, and look forward to many years of trouble free computering...

I would also like to say that I have written to you via e-mail on several occasions, as to some queries. I have dealt with a man who has been extremely helpful to me. He has explained, very patiently, how to correct my problems, and always answered very promptly. I am indeed very happy with your after service support."

Shirley Smith, Queensland, Australia

"Thank you for your prompt help. Now Registry Helper works perfectly. I have so far deleted 654 Invalid Entries! When I switch on my PC, instead of a 10 minute waiting time, my PC is ready to use after only 6 and a half minutes (it means 35% less time). Brilliant!

Michel Moret, Geneva, Switzerland
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