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Disk Cleaner

Clean Your Computer's Hard Drive

Download Disclosures

By downloading Disk Cleaner, you agree to the End User License Agreement. Downloading the trial mode version of Disk Cleaner entitles you to scan your computer's hard drive for Junk Files. The deletion of Junk Files, if detected, requires the purchase of the full version of Disk Cleaner. For information on the price of the full version of Disk Cleaner, click here.

During the installation process, Disk Cleaner will request your name and e-mail address but you are not required to enter this information. Additional personal information will be required if you upgrade to the full version. For information on our privacy practices, click here to review our Privacy Policy.

Disk Cleaner starts automatically on system launch and will appear in the system tray and run in the background until closed. The trial mode of Disk Cleaner includes a daily and logon popup reminder that will show you the results of the last scan and offer available upgrades.

If you install Disk Cleaner and decide later you do not want it, the software can be easily uninstalled using the "Add or Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" option in your Windows® Control Panel. For information on our Legal Disclaimers, click here.

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